Hue Zephyr

Maestros of the Football Cosmos

The “Maestros of the Football Cosmos’ series is an ongoing project depicting the contemporary football stars of the world over. Many of the works displayed are available for purchase. As well,  custom shirts for additional players can be made to order.

–    STARRING    –

” Fernando Torres “

Lethal striker from Fuenlabrada, Spain… attained highest acclaim as one of the world’s most stylish and clinical of all attacking players. Currently deployed by Chelsea as a goal seeking talisman, Torres looks to reclaim his form and propel the London clan back into the top of the table.

” Fernando Torres ” (front)

” Fernando Torres ” (back)

” Didier Drogba “

Miraculous forward from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire…  the powerful Chelsea striker is one of the most feared finishers in football today. Blessed with strength, speed, and agility, the Ivory Coast warrior is capable of igniting goals from the slightest of chances.

” Didier Drogba ” (front)

” Didier Drogba ” (back)

” Franck Ribery “

Mercurial winger of Boulogne-sur-Mer, France… playing now in the elite Bayern Munich squad. Inventive and pulsing with energy, the skillful midfielder shifts through defenses as quickly as team rosters. Ribery is a pivotal attacking force for both club and country.

” Franck Ribery ” (front)

” Franck Ribery ” (back)

” Lionel Messi “

Shining light from Rosario, Argentina… the angelic forward is considered one of the best players of all time. Brilliant footwork and seemingly psychic  pitch vision, the diminutive creator has helped FC Barcelona attain near perfection in recent seasons.

” Lionel Messi ” (front)

” Lionel Messi ” (back)

” Samuel Eto’o “

Nkon, Cameroon… the sublime Internazionale striker is the most decorated African footballer. One of two players to have won the UEFA Champions League with 3 clubs, Eto’o’s gift for goal poaching and winning has brought silverware to the top clubs of Europe.

” Samuel Eto’o ” (front)

” Samuel Eto’o ” (back)

“Daisuke Matsui”

Battle-ready midfielder by Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, Japan…. Matsui has mingled with various clubs throughout France before finally transferring to Russian club Tom Tomsk. Exquisite displays in the 2010 World Cup brought praise and interest from many top clubs.

” Daisuke Matsui ” (front)

” Daisuke Matsui ” (back)

“Diego Forlan”

Montevideo, Uruguay… the luminous goal sorcerer has passed through Manchester United, Villarreal, Atletico Madrid, and Inter Milan with grand success. Multiple Golden Boot and 2010 World Cup Golden Ball winner, “Cachavacha” is both spearhead and inspiration of attacking play.

” Diego Forlan ” (front)

” Diego Forlan ” (back)


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