Hue Zephyr

Gaizse Music

Sitting by the banks of a Golden River, listening to sounds of Myndgloid Swimmers. “When will the Gaizsian Winds blow? What will The Hourglass show? Battle-Scars slice in the sole’s foam. Once had many values, now I see(s) one tone.” When will The Lessons be learned? Be Prepared for a Good Turn.

” Tale of the Azsulo “

Ertez law is stringent and punishment is swift and severe. A strong, humble people, The Ertez have adopted banishment as their primary sanction against criminal and social offenses. Azsulo is the name given to any and all banished from the Ertez Tribe. Commission of a crime is not the only way to become Azsulo, however. For example, Samson Elite DarkKrome understand very well the humble nature of the Ertez, and they take every effort to exploit this fact. Since no Ertez should stand-out in any way, Samson Elites (e.g., Palm-Bomb Wizsard with his infamous Palm-Bomb) have developed weapons and techniques of defilement. Even the greatest Ertez Hero could become Azsulo for such an unfortunate eventuality in battle.

SOUNDTRACK : Lament of Azsulo – by Gaizse Music


” Azsulo Futuro – replica kit “

” Azsulo Futuro – replica kit ” (front)

” Azsulo Futuro – replica kit ” (back)

” Jon Berger and the Other “

” Jon Berger and The Other “




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